Dutch synchronized swimming team is ready for the top

The fantastic athletes from the ZPCH Synchroonzwemmen, several times national Netherlands' champions in synchronized swimming, were looking for the ideal site to train for one of the year's main competitions, the NK Free Combinatio.

Being Dutch, that is, very professional and demanding, the senior and junior girls' teams were looking for a top sports centre with a heated 50-meter outdoor pool.

But the ZPCH athletes also wanted to make their training camp in a nice, sunny place and some entertainment that would help ease the tension before entering a major event.
We found the ideal site in the South of Spain, and our proposal was approved by the club's management.

It was beautiful to see, these last days, how each of the ZPCH athletes gave everything they got while training, creating aquatic choreographies that are a dazzling demonstration of physical ability and aesthetic virtuosity.

We are sure that the ZPCH teams will get to the top in the NK Free Combinatio!

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