Portuguese table tennis at the top of the World

Table tennis has a long tradition in Portugal. In recent decades, Portuguese players have never reached the World or European top, but that has not prevented this sport from maintaining its popularity in our country.

Interestingly, in recent years the quality of Portuguese table tennis began to change for the better. The arrival of high-quality coaches, especially Chinese, a solid focus on training, and the emergence of gifted athletes changed the landscape. This weekend, at the European Championship, held in Nantes, In France, all this good work produced results. The women's team took home the silver medal, as did the men's team for the second time in a row. The title of European runner-up places the men's team in the sixth place in the European ranking, and 13th in the World ranking. The women's team is in 26th place in the European ranking and 59th in the World.

Move Sports enthusiastically supports table tennis, in both training and professional levels, and has organized several events of this modality. One of the most recent and most interesting events was a table tennis championship for the United Nations, taking place in the framework of the Inter-Agency Games, the annual sports festival of this transnational organization. It was a fantastic competition that involved dozens of athletes.