Proudly get to know the Greater Lisbon by walking

Move Sports's organised tournaments will once again take place in September and October, in Lisbon, with redoubled enthusiasm and all health & safety measures in place. While in Lisbon, take the opportunity to get to know the city by taking a walk.


Unique experiences: international tournament meet hiking 

Participating in the Portugal Legends Handball Cup (September 25 & 26), Portugal Rugby Youth Festival (October 23 & 24) or Lisbon Football Youth Cup (October 30 & 31) and experiencing an international competition is a thrill in itself. Better yet, and since you're already in Lisbon, take a break from the event roller-coaster of emotions or make use of those few extra days in the city to go on a hike and discover and enjoy the varied landscapes around. 

We gathered some hiking tips and suggestions for you. Portugal has received many international awards and distinctions in trekking and hiking, so this is but a sample of the hundreds of trails available all over the country.

Last year, Portugal was distinguished three times for a total of 18 destinations by the European Destinations of Excellence (EBD) organisation, part of the European Commission's EDEN Network. These routes are part of the "Best hidden gems of Europe" list, meeting the needs of travellers looking for unique experiences and reconnecting with nature in places away from mass tourism. 

Don't forget: Portugal has one of the best climates globally for outdoor activities, all year round.


Sintra: Peninha Trail 

Close to Lisbon, Sintra and its mountain is undeniably a small paradise for nature lovers and hikers, with a wide range of signposted trails. We suggest the so-called "Peninha and Anta de Adrenunes Trails". On the way you get to see the Capuchos Convent, the Adrenunes dolmen, Peninha and Alto da Memória. This 13 km circular trail of moderate difficulty is also known for its beautiful views over the Atlantic ocean. The romantic town of Sintra is a national jewel, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it is also a must-see to discover its palaces, castle, history and culture. If you choose the latter visit, know that you have several trails that go from the outskirts of the town into the historical centre.


Sintra: Cabo da Roca

While still in the municipality of Sintra, head on over to Cabo da Roca, Europe's westernmost point most, known for its breathtaking views. Not that far away, at Praia Grande, dinosaur footprints document the passage of these animals through the region during the Cretaceous period. But the path is long until you reach the footprints: this circular trekking route starts and ends at Cabo da Roca and takes hikers to Ulgueira and Almoçageme, further inland. The distance is 10 km, and the difficulty is medium to high.


Cascais: Dune of Cresmina Trail

In the municipality of Cascais, starting from the Interpretation Center of the Cresmina Dune, you can go on a short two kilometres hike. It is a short trail, but full of interesting flora and fauna. Along the so-called Guincho-Cresmina dune system, you will find ponds, a freshwater spring, native plants such as the dune-root, sand lizards or a bird called the sandpiper. The path is signposted with helpful information boards. The difficulty is low. 


Lisbon: Biodiversity Route

This route, inside the city, is of low difficulty (although always uphill) despite being 14 km long. Starting and ending at Jardim Vasco da Gama, in Belém, this route links the city's waterfront to the Monsanto Forest Park. The objective is to show Lisbon's biodiversity along 18 points of interest, from woods and forests to farms and urban orchards. It also has informative panels along the way about the fauna and flora of the Portuguese capital.


Any doubts?

The autumn weather in Portugal is ideal for this type of hiking (we should warn you that it is still usually hot), and we all need healthy getaways: the outdoors and contact with nature are essential for good health. We have been too long in confinement, so get on the road now and have fun!

In Portugal, we are going through the second phase of deconfinement post-COVID-19. It is now possible to access sporting events and, by October, with no capacity limit, after 85% of the population has been vaccinated.

With this scenario in mind, Move Sports will bring you the aforementioned tournaments. In addition, we also organise bespoke training camps, sports tours, and corporate events tailored to each company/group. So come and visit one of the safest destinations in Europe, and do not hesitate to contact us to learn more!