The Fifteen are One

What is rugby?

There will never be a moment like that one. On the other side, you have the most powerful team in the world. Fifteen mental and physical ultimate warriors, 100% disciplined, masters of skills. But this is you and your lads, and you have been working a hell of a lifetime for this game. Their fly-half speed up with the ball on his hands, their backline moves. But you made the tackle, you get up, you get the ball, and you pass it to your forward. You see the flame in his eyes. The flame that says, “this is it, man”. And he attacks the opponent weak shoulder, and your lads come for support. On their 22 meters line, they stop your forward. You go for the ruck, and, in that fraction of a second, you see that you belong to a team where fifteen are one. You win the ruck, you pass the ball. Phase one, Phase two, Phase thirteen. You can reach to Phase one hundred, there is only one end to it. You see it in the eyes of your lads; you see it in the eyes of the players from the most powerful team in the world. One more ruck, one more possession, inches from the try line. Your hooker gets the ball, that short, chubby, clumsy guy. But he is fifteen lads and he knows it. You glue yourself to his back, and you scream: “Go”. And he touches the try line. There will never be a moment like that one, but it will be in your heart forever.

This is what rugby is all about.