The Great Escape from the Snow

Louise Holte is a serious football coach and she had a serious problem.

Toppidrettsgymnaset I Telemark U19 boys and girls’ teams had a pre-season to deal with, and their coaches and teachers had four teams to get in shape. The problem was that you cannot do much in Skien, Norway, with the pitch full of snow and frozen temperatures. So, Mrs Holte and the other teachers started to search for a football destination. Our Norwegian partner told her: “Look no more, Portugal is your choice”. The coaches took the deal. A country crazy for football, a state of the art of sports and accommodation facilities, warm temperatures, and, indeed, very green pitches.

We assisted them during a seven days training camp, and we gave them our best. Edvard Ji Brokke, 18 years old, one of their goalkeepers, and a fan of De Gea, was ecstatic with the game against Sporting CP, one of our classic jerseys. Ebenezer Adu Koranteng, also 18, their ferocious striker, a worshipper of Balotelli, was more than happy to get the ball in a dry pitch and be able to control it in a way to score. We are sure that Toppidrettsgymnaset I Telemark teams are now ready for the season.”