Top basketball teams experience Move Sports' tailored camps

We have already told you that Autumn is the best season for sports tours in Portugal. The weather is perfect, and the tourist rush is over, so those looking for a sports tour or training camp find the best conditions during the months of September, October, and November. That was the case with 2 top basketball teams who reached out to Move Sports for tailored camps.


The Brose Bamberg team, which has won the German Championship title 9 times and 5 National Cups, decided to come to Portugal some days before their Champions League qualifying tournament that later took place in Lisbon.

Brose Bamberg Team Manager stated that the whole team, a total of 23 people, had a great time, praising Move Sports’ capacity to deliver a professional training camp with excellency.


The Performance Training Institute, from Houston, Texas, USA, came to Portugal for 9 days to compete and introduce their athletes to local teams.

Cameron, from the University of Texas, was amazed by the experience: 

“The country is beautiful, the accommodations were great, people showed real hospitality, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of being in Portugal. The whole team agreed that the games were superior, recommending and rating the overall experience as a 10 out of 10, stating they would all love to come back."


This is what moves us: to provide our clients with the best experience ever.

Move Sports operates in multiple sports, including rugby, handball, basketball, football, and many others. We must highlight the excellent training conditions in Portugal as well as our wide offer of training camps and sports tours.

Come and get to know one of the most interesting and safe touristic destinations in Europe, ask for a quote and find out everything we can assemble for you.