Tough California Girls are ready to rock in Portugal

Watch out, these young women from the Institute of Rugby, California, are not coming to Portugal just for fun.

As the representatives of Southern California in our female tournament at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, the U19 girls are taking it very seriously. After an open day of a fierce selection, the girls have now a team made from the best of their ranks, with players from Fallbrook Rugby Club, Coastal Dragons Rugby club, Lady Aztecs Rugby Club and South Bay Rugby Club. Looking at the geographic range, this is really a San Diego County team, with representatives from Encinitas, Carlsbad, Poway, Vista, Bonsall, Fallbrook, Ocean Beach, Coronado, San Marcos and a few other locations. Drills time is now running, at a high-level intensity. You can say that this is no big deal for the girls, since most of them are already playing in high school leagues, and some are also involved in other sports, like soccer. But, look at the coach’s line-up. The poor forwards will have to face USA Women’s 7s and USA Eagles Kate Zackary and the National Champion Talia Carrasquillo. And the backs are at the command of USA 7s and USA Eagles Alev Kelter. In addition to that, the team supreme commander is a former USA 7s Eagle- Hannah Harper. No, these girls will not arrive at the best travel destination in the world just to have fun.

These girls came to rock.