Wigan Warriors gear up for Super League with pre-season training camp in Algarve organised by Move Sports

The Wigan Warriors, reigning champions of the Super League, have recently completed a highly successful pre-season training camp, meticulously organised by Move Sports, a company renowned for its expertise in sports event management and sports tourism. This intensive training camp, held from the 8th to the 18th of January, took place in a premium sports resort in the Algarve, marking a strategic preparation for the upcoming Super League season.

The camp saw a delegation of 59 people, including players, staff, and special guests, partaking in a rigorous and comprehensive training schedule. The Warriors underwent twice-daily field training sessions, designed to hone their skills and strategies ahead of the fiercely competitive league. In addition to the on-field training, the players also engaged in gym sessions, ensuring a holistic approach to their physical conditioning. “During the camp we had a fantastic representative, Francisco, from Move with us at all times. He was able to tend to our needs and helped with local knowledge and any language barriers”, refers Tom Fitzpatrick, Welfare Manager of the Wigan Warriors.

Move Sports showcased its expertise in orchestrating sports events during the Warriors' training camp, ensuring a well-rounded experience beyond mere physical conditioning. The team actively participated in team-building and recreational activities, such as paintball, contributing significantly to fostering unity and mental resilience. Additionally, the Warriors relished at selected local restaurants, bolstering the sense of team spirit. A notable highlight of the camp was the 'Hog Roast' event hosted at the resort, providing a distinctive culinary experience and a valuable relaxation opportunity for the team. This comprehensive approach underscores Move Sports' commitment to enhancing both the physical and mental aspects of athletic performance.

The choice of the Algarve for the training camp was strategic, given its world-class sports facilities, favourable climate, and serene environment, making it an ideal location for pre-season preparations. “Move Sports' ability to help us book events and external companies was very valuable in order to execute a successful camp”, testifies Tom. The companies’ partnership with local sports facilities, accommodations, and suppliers allowed the Warriors to experience a blend of top-notch training and leisure activities. This combination exemplifies the essence of sports tourism, offering an ideal balance between rigorous training schedules and enjoyable recreational opportunities.  According to Tom, Move Sports “also had the ability to deal well with fluid weather, schedules and activities we required.”

This camp showcased Move Sports' dedication to delivering high-quality services that align with the needs and aspirations of sports teams. “From quotation and scouting to execution of the camp they were with us every step of the way and provided a high level of invaluable assistance. Their experience and knowledge in these types of events are evident to see”, declared the Wigan Warrior Welfare Manager. 

Through crafting an environment that perfectly balances intensive training with pleasurable experiences, Move Sports underscores its expertise in sports event management.