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Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup

Lisbon - June 22 & 23, 2024

Exciting international basketball matches? Check!
Boys and girls competitions? Check!
Great sports facilities? Check!
Welcoming, captivating host city? Check!

Welcome to the second edition of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup, a fun and challenging international youth basketball event aimed at boys and girls in the U14, U16, and U18 age groups, taking place in sunny Lisbon on June 22 & 23, 2024.

This tournament is a great opportunity for teams from clubs, academies and schools from all around the world to compete. Join the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup and take part in this "clash of titans" opposing different countries, each one with its unique "style" of basketball.

We are excited to welcome you to our beautiful country. Basketball has a great tradition in Portugal. The number of athletes, teams, spectators and digital followers of this amazing sport is growing by the day. It is time to get everyone around a spectacular tournament! Together, we'll grow every year and became a worldwide reference for youth basketball!

Let the games begin!

Portugal Rugby Youth Festival
Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup

LBYC 2024 Brochure

Be a part of the most exciting youth basketball tournament!

Not ready to sign up just yet? Mark the dates on your calendar and, meanwhile, download the brochure.

See you in June!


Watch the 2023 edition recap

Lights, hoops, magic! Step into the highlight reel of the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup, where the court becomes a stage for incredible displays of skill and determination. Our video recap is a front-row ticket to the tournament's most unforgettable moments, capturing the energy, passion, and sheer awesomeness of young athletes.

Grab your popcorn and let the show begin!


Enjoy our country

Portugal was named the World's Leading Destination 2019 and Europe's Leading Destination 2020 & 2022 by the World Travel Awards.


Lisbon was also Europe's Capital of Sports 2021, Europe's Leading City Break Destination in 2019 & 2022 and both the World’s and Europe’s Leading Seaside Metropolitan Destination 2022.


Safety is always one of the biggest concerns when travelling, specially with children, but not to Portugal. According to a 2022’s study by Global Peace index, Portugal is the world’s 6th safest country.


The cultural scene in Lisbon today is a vibrant combination of old and new, as the ghosts of Lisbon’s grand past echo evocatively around the city’s contemporary venues.


The heart of Lisbon is filled with wide avenues, green trees, modernist-style buildings, mosaic decorations and numerous cafes.
The city is now being reborn and renovated and was recently considered one of the trendiest cities of the world.


In general, Portugal boasts a temperate climate all year round with long hot summers, warm spring and autumn months and relatively mild winters. The city of Lisbon and its surroundings are located in the coastal area, facing the Atlantic Ocean.





The capital, Lisbon, is a captivating city filled with fascinating history and can be explored very conveniently. Visit the famous neighborhoods of Alfama, Mouraria and Graça, the city’s oldest quarters and perhaps its most atmospheric parts. Nearby, Lisbon’s dramatically located Castle dates back to Roman times and offers breathtaking city panoramas over roof-tops and across the mighty River Tagus, the waterfront suburb of Belém - the departure point for Portugal’s great discoverers of the 15th and 16th centuries - and the impressive Lisbon sights, thoughtfully clustered together.


Portugal is an exceedingly friendly place. Its people are some of the nicest around to visiting tourists and truly have pleasure and enjoyment being good hosts. Most locals will speak perfect English without any visible annoyance, even with pleasure!


The city of Lisbon has a fantastic atmosphere. The options for spending a free day in Lisbon are almost infinite, with its ancient and modern architecture, all kinds of interesting monuments scattered around every corner, exciting touristic activities such as City Bus, Tuk Tuk and Sailing Tours, or even its wide selection of high-end Shopping Centres. A must see for anyone who wants to experience southern European lifestyle at its best.

Easy Access

Lisbon is only 2 hours away from most western European cities and there are now many low cost flight connections to the city's main airport. The tournament venue is located only 5 km from the Lisbon International Airport and nearby almost every accommodation facility.

Portugal - Lisbon

How to get to Lisbon?


Direct flights to Lisbon International Airport are available from Europe, Africa, America and Asia, from more than 110 different cities. The airport is located in the heart of Lisbon, making the route from the airport to the existing accommodations for LBYC never much longer than 20 min by bus.


Flying to Porto, with 84 connections to Europe and to the rest of the world, is also a great way to get to the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup. Porto, the European Best Destination in 2012, 2014 & 2017, is only 3 hours away by bus to Lisbon on first class highways.


With more than 68 destinations, flying to Faro Airport is an excellent option to get to the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup while getting cheaper rates on flights. Enjoy the beautiful beaches in Algarve and combine it with the Lisbon Basketball Youth Cup. Faro is less than 2h30 away from Lisbon by bus in modern highways, and we can provide you with good accommodation next to the beach or just a transfer to Lisbon!

Age Groups

Age Groups


U14 | U16 | U18


U14 | U16 | U18

Accommodation Options

Pack 1 | Hostel


Pack 2 | 3* Hotel


Option 3 | 4* Hotel


Packages include

  • Meet & Greet at Lisbon International Airport;
  • Transfers to/from Airport;
  • 3 Nights Accommodation;
  • Breakfast;
  • Dinner at Holiday Park/Hotel;
  • Lunch on Tournament Days;
  • Shuttle Bus to/from Tournament Venue;
  • Tournament Official Kit;
  • Team Registration Fee;
  • Player Registration Fee.

Play your best basketball inexciting Lisbon



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