A complex and technical sport, with 15 players that need to have the discipline of a Spartan phalanx to win. Developing the skills, mental and physical strength and discipline required to win are a perfect reason to join us for a rugby tour or rugby camp.

The Role of Move Sports in your team’s performance

We are rugby experts, and all our knowledge and experience will contribute to an ideal rugby training camp, rugby sports tour or friendly match for your team

All our offers in Portugal and Spain provide the ideal environment for managers, coaches, and players, so they can get the maximum benefit from their time abroad. 

These are the factors that make us different:

  • Carefully planned rugby tours, rugby camps, and rugby matches adapted to every group’s needs, budget and expectations;
  • Personalised service, along with first-class accommodation and training facilities;
  • Strong ties to both rugby union institutions and clubs;
  • Expertly planned sightseeing, leisure, and cultural activities during the tour;
  • Post-match socials with local clubs.


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